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Speak and Think Life

Let’s be honest. Fear is real. That’s right, false evidence appearing real is very real. But it’s actually only as real as we let it be. What if we learned to stop it right where it was like cutting off weeds before they overthrow a garden? When we cut off fear, our mind is clear to grow, expand, be more creative and truly apply the things we need. But, in order to do that we need to be honest with ourselves. 

Recently, my grandmother has had to have care because of dementia. I’m not in the same city but I hear stories. I constantly pray for her and for my family and those helping her that they would have the proper wisdom. Now, I’ve had a great long term memory personally.  When I get overwhelmed, or I’m doing a lot and I’m unorganized, it’s a bit harder for me to think more quickly about things I need to remember. Especially things that have occurred more recently. The days run together at times. One day, I totally got overwhelmed in why I had forgotten something important and it was like all these ideas came rushing to my mind. Thoughts that said I would end up with dementia, it was in my family and bound to happen. The things I was forgetting sent this shock of fear through me. I even teared up at the thought of my possible future. Thankfully, I was able to take a moment and realize that it was actually fear and not fact. I prayed. I commanded life over my brain and memory. So now, when I forget things, I say “I have the mind of Christ, I have a great memory”. And guess what? Those negative thoughts stop right there. 

I’ve learned to replace the fear with something positive and hopeful for my future. That’s what we have to do. We can’t let fear ruin our days. We have to stand strong and believe in the power God gave us. God spoke life into this world and we have that same ability. We can no longer just passively sit through our storms and situations. Take action! And the best action is your mindset and the words you speak. 

For instance, this social media age would have you to believe if you don’t have it all by the time you’re 25 you are somehow behind. I’m 31 and single. When life starts to come for me about how old I am, how much further I have to go to accomplish my dreams, I remind life about the successful women I’ve seen get married in their mid to late 30s and have kids and still maintain their fabulousness. I speak life! Do I still think about the amazing husband I desire? heck yeah! But I have to make a decision to trust God and God’s timing. I would rather show up to Christmas single 100 times than to be married to just anyone because I got scared and chose comfort.

I have spent my life in fear for way too long. I used to let these things really get to me. Especially the fear of what others thought about me. But none of that worrying has gotten me anywhere worth celebrating. So remember ladies, let’s not get dragged down by what we fear any longer. Look it in the face and tell it to go somewhere. Speak life and have a mindset of victory. It’s not about what it looks like, it’s about the solutions that can come forth out of it. Let’s grow!

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan


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