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The Power Of Women

I had the privilege to attend the Pinky Promise conference last weekend. It was amazing! Indescribable really. But what stuck out to me about this conference is something I had never experienced before until I attended my first one the previous year. 

I’ve been to a few women’s conferences before. As is human nature we can tend to stick to our norms and the people we know. But this conference has a different vibe. So many women attended by themselves all for the expectancy that something great would happen. And unlike most conferences I’ve attended, these women are warm and welcoming. They are open to pray for you, help you, take a picture of you, invite you to sit with them. If you stand next to them in line there is bound to be a conversation started. And it got me thinking:

Women are SO powerful! 

When we put aside our differences, comparisons, judgment and more, the atmosphere is full of warmth, joy, and passion for life. 

Women are amazing creatures and I believe we are just beginning to understand our worth. 

If we can set this tone at a conference, imagine what we could do to the world! Let’s not wait until a conference to act right, let’s come together now by being at our very best, remember:

  1. Be grateful
  2. Love yourself
  3. Love on those around you
  4. Ask: What can I do to be valuable today? 

Embrace the Boss that’s in all the women around you, and watch the Boss in you grow!  

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan


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